Sharma: More funds for PoS

Local Government Minister Chandresh Sharma disclosed this yesterday during a press conference at City Hall, Knox Street, Port-of-Spain before a tour of New City Mall and East Side Plaza with Mayor Louis Lee Sing.

“We would do as much as we can to make sure that funds become available. The mayor is a good money manager as he has a business background,” he said.

During the tour, the minister and corporation officials spoke to tenants and mall management.

After, Sharma said there was a Cabinet note a few years ago that suggested New City Mall be the responsibility of the mayor and added that a meeting will be held with the management and the corporation on the matter next Wednesday.

“If that is the case we would make an automatic transfer very quickly. We just agreed that the management of both malls would meet with the mayor on Wednesday morning to start the process,” he said.

Lee Sing said the corporation needed to treat with its vendors and allow shoppers to access goods.

“We have to develop a plan that is creative, that addresses the needs of the customers, a plan that enhances the presence of the facility in the city. Once people are comfortable in the environment there will be shopping,” he said.

The mayor said he expected by mid-June to have a completed plan for vendors in the city and they will hand out spots to vendors and begin a serious vending programme in the city.


"Sharma: More funds for PoS"

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