Kamla scolds Bharath in Cabinet

Sources said the Prime Minister told Bharath she was displeased with his actions in which he joined the farmers at Woodford Square publicly declaring he supported them and vowed to represent their interests in Cabinet.

His position made him a hero among the farmers, who openly embrace him while calling for the resignation of his colleague Housing Minister Dr Roodal Moonilal.

The Prime Minister is reported to have said Cabinet members have a collective responsibility and one minister should not side or go against another minister on public issues.

Newsday understands that Bharath tried to explain that as Minister of Food Production he had a responsibility to his “constituency of farmers” but the Prime Minister replied that she has a responsibility for the “constituency of Trinidad and Tobago”.

The Cabinet then took the firm decision to maintain its housing drive on the lands which the farmers illegally occupy at D’Abadie and Chaguanas and again offer them compensation for the destroyed crops and alternative sites for cultivation.


"Kamla scolds Bharath in Cabinet"

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