PM: It is highly inappropriate

In a statement yesterday, the Prime Minister said the matter was brought to her attention recently, after the process had been completed.

“And I made it clear that, on the basis of the information provided to me, it was highly inappropriate.”

She also told reporters at the Mount Hope Maternity Hospital that it was totally “false” that she “okayed” the contract.

The PM also said she was awaiting a report on the matter, so that she can be better informed so as to make a decision which will ensure that the “integrity of the Government remains intact.”

Speaking to reporters in San Fernando yesterday, the Prime Minister said she had to be properly briefed on whether there was a conflict of interest and refused to comment until she had all the information before her.

Software engineering company, Ixanos, which is owned by King’s husband, St Clair King, reportedly received a Government contract valued at over $100,000 to develop Government websites. Speaking to the media during a tour of the maternity wards at the San Fernando General Hospital, Persad-Bissessar said she had no knowledge about the award of the contract.

“I would have to get more details. I read it in the newspapers, so until I speak with the minister and get some more details, I prefer not to comment at this time.”

Told that King was quoted as having commented that the prime minister was aware of the transaction and was satisfied that all was above board, Persad-Bissessar added, “She may have sent them. As I said, I prefer to be further briefed on it before I say more.”


"PM: It is highly inappropriate"

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