Magical ‘Peter Pan’ at Queen’s Hall

Beautiful set design and comical interactions between the vibrant Lost Boys, the Indians and the Pirates made the play ideal to capture the imagination of the young ones as well as the adults.

Interestingly, the actor who played Peter Pan is a young woman – 20-year-old Jerrylee David – who was as energetic, playful, mischievous and adventurous as the cast of young ones who played the group of Lost Boys.

What stood out for most of the audience was seeing Peter, Wendy and other characters taking to the air in flight as for the first time, Must Come See was able to introduce aerial scenes right on the stage at Queen’s Hall. This was made possible by Flying by Foy, the international company created to make Peter Pan’s characters fly.

According to Must Come See Chairman, Jessel Murray, the local staging of the production has been in the making for two years since the company began negotiating with the Peter Pan rights holders in the United States and the actual royalties beneficiaries, Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity in the United Kingdom since 2009.

This is the company’s seventh production and it involved a cast of mostly young talent. Scenes taking place in Neverland were the most captivating because of the colourful and playful set centering on Peter Pan and the Lost Boys’ underground home, complete with a slide and ladders.

Costuming was equally bright and beautiful especially the native Indian tribe headed by the strong female leader, Tigerlily (portrayed by Cherysh La Touche).

Members of the audience were able to lose themselves in the wonderland that was Neverland and follow along with Peter Pan, the Lost Boys and Wendy’s cheeky exploits and evasion of the pirates led by Captain Hook (portrayed by Kearn Samuel who also played Mr Darling).

Not to be left out was Tinkerbell, cleverly included by using a lit image of a fairy which flitted across stage when she was called upon. The play brought much laughter and entertainment to those who attended last Saturday night.

Peter Pan opened on June 24 for nine shows, the final two of which will be staged tomorrow at 2 pm and 7 pm. It is the perfect evening or night out for the family who enjoys the classic tale.


"Magical ‘Peter Pan’ at Queen’s Hall"

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