Public utilities work within curfew limits

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (TTEC) corporate communications manager Annabelle Brasnell told Newsday some operations were affected by the curfew on Monday night. However, she said the company has been liaising with security services to access passes for employees working during the curfew hours. She expected to receive them yesterday.

Camille Salandy, head public relations and external affairs at the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) noted that, as an essential service, they were informed if access was required to areas during curfew hours, they could follow the requisite requirements to obtain passes. At the moment they are identifying persons who would need to have access to passes they don’t anticipate anything untoward.

Water and Sewerage Authority Corporation Communications manager Ellen Lewis said they recognise the necessity for the State of Emergency.

“Where necessary, we have adjusted our normal business operations to ensure business continuity and the safety of our workers in areas where a curfew is now in effect,” she said. “The Ministry of National Security has also been working diligently to ensure the issuance of the requisite number of curfew permits required for use by the Authority during the period.”

Lewis also noted that, as an essential service provider, the company has functioned in similar situations in 1990 and 1970 and considers the current scenario to be no different, in terms of the challenges that may be presented.


"Public utilities work within curfew limits"

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