Anand knocks Rowley on slush fund

Noting that Rowley has said the matter is still pending, Ramlogan said the Opposition has misunderstood the legal process over the matter and has also failed to deny the facts.

“What is interesting, however, is that at no time have they made any attempt to dispute the facts upon which the report is based,” he said of the Equal Opportunity Commission report made public this month, as he spoke during the Budget debate in the Senate. “As usual, they seem to be more concerned with form as opposed to substance.” “Imagine the Leader of the Opposition foolishly quarrels about the fact that the complaint is still a live one as the matter has been referred to conciliation,” he said.

“The structure of the Act is such that if there was no merit in the complaint it would never reach the conciliation stage.”

Ramlogan said Opposition Chief Whip Marlene Mc Donald, former Culture minister, tried to “wiggle” out of the scandal by saying the scholarships did not occur under her watch.

Of mc Donald’s predecessor Joan Yuille-Williams, Ramlogan said, “In the meantime, the normal ubiquitous Joan Yuille-Williams is nowhere to be found. “When the facts come out the mice run away.”


"Anand knocks Rowley on slush fund"

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