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Thursday 22 February 2018

Inlalsingh on TTKF medical team

The Trinidad and Tobago Karate Federation (TTKF) has inducted holistic expert, Shivana Inlalsingh to the TTKF Medical Commission.

Inlalsingh recently returned from the 90th World Boxing Association (WBA) Convention in Donetsk, Ukraine, which ran from November 6-12. She was invited on the team of International Training Officials where she made a presentation on “Improving Performance Skills for Ringside Officials”.

The seminar was also attended by judges from the US, Germany, Denmark, Ukraine, Russia, Canada and Panama. This was Inlalsingh’s third year as a presenter at the medical seminar and her first as an International Training Official.

The new TTKF member has also attracted a lot of enthusiasts in her research on the application of holistic therapies for the prevention of long term brain trauma in contact sport.

Recently, Inlalsingh was approached by retired boxing champion, Donny Lalonde (who defeated Lesley Stewart). He has been in discussion with the other sanctioning bodies on introducing these preventative solutions to the sport.

Lalonde’s interest comes after a presentation she made on the “Application of Reflexology and Cranio-Sacral Therapy on Brain Trauma in Contact Sport”. This was done by Inlalsingh three years ago at the same medical seminar of the WBA. This may be turn out to be an emerging area of interest in contact sport.


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