Property owners breaking the law

After about four months the foundation and beams were completed, only to realise that the structure was in fact not a simple extension, but a very large and an entirely separate structure that was being built alongside the existing house (about two feet apart) and dangerously close to the main drain that channels run off water from the North Tacarigua neighbourhoods, to the Tacarigua River.

I promptly visited both the Town and Country regional office and the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation to lodge complaints.

More than seven months have passed during which time, I have met and written to countless persons (CEO’s, Chairman, Directors, Ministers, MP, Councillors, Ombudsman). Yet, the structure continues to be built and at this time, the finishing touches are being done, so that the apartment complex (four rental units), would be ready for occupation in early 2012. Plans were only submitted for this structure in August 2011. However, the Town and Country personnel have stated that their site visits have confirmed that the structure is illegal in many respects. I even complained to WASA since the property owner dug up a public road to make his own connection to the WASA sewage manhole (using a WASA sign from a nearby WASA job site), to no avail.

I now ask you Madam Prime Minister, when will such blatant acts of non conformance to law be dealt with such that it is a deterrent to others? Why must I ensure that my house conforms to the law, when there are so many examples of those who do not and are allowed to continue?

In such matters, there can only be right or wrong and this is clearly the latter. Should the drain collapse, there would be widespread flooding to many areas downstream of this structure.

I ask that all law abiding citizens, who like me, have been subject to the failure of our public institutions; to act to write and let our collective voices be heard in order to bring about positive change in our country.

I also ask that potential tenants not support developers who break the law with their unlawful structures.

A Ram



"Property owners breaking the law"

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