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Saturday 20 January 2018

Girl, 10, raped

A TEN-YEAR-OLD primary school student who was abducted along with her two brothers, ages nine and two on Sunday night, by two men in a white vehicle, was raped before she was dropped off near her home.

Police reported that at about 10 pm on Sunday, the children’s father took them to a DVD club in El Socorro to purchase DVDs. He left the three children outside the DVD store and went inside to purchase the movies.

According to reports, when the man left the DVD store, his three children were nowhere to be seen. Thinking they had walked home, the man made his way home. When he realised the children were not at home, the man went to the Barataria Police Station and made a report.

Officers carried out a search for the missing children and later found the girl’s two brothers wandering aimlessly along a dimly lit street.

The children told police that while they were standing outside the DVD store, two men in a white car pulled up and bundled them inside the car which sped off. The brothers said they were dropped off on a road by the men who drove off with their (the brothers) sister still in the car.

Officers continued the search for the girl and shortly after 10.45 pm, they found her limping along a street in El Socorro.

The girl told police that she was dropped off along the road shortly after she was raped by the two men. The child was taken to a medical institution where she was medically examined and then treated. No arrests have been made up to press time. Officers from the Police Counselling Unit are expected to provide counselling for the victim and members of her family.

Officers of the Barataria police and the Anti-Kidnapping Unit are continuing enquiries. Officers are again advising parents to pay particular care and attention with their children, especially females, as criminals are always on the prowl looking to pounce during an unguarded moment.


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