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Saturday 20 January 2018

Mom wants peace, happiness for TT

TWO mothers demonstrated their sense of patriotism to Trinidad and Tobago by giving birth on the occasion of the country’s golden jubilee Independence celebrations.

They both wish their children, a boy and a girl born yesterday, will live to see this country celebrate its 100th year as an independent nation. Mom Hetty Ann Pyara, 21, of Penal, delivered her first child, a boy, at the San Fernando General Hospital and shared her thoughts about the significant day in the country’s history on which her son will now celebrate his birthday each year.

Pyara was expected to deliver her firstborn on Thursday according to her doctor’s calculation. At 4.20 am yesterday, however, nurses delivered her baby on the hospital’s maternity ward as the first baby to be born at the institution on Independence Day. There were shouts of joy by nurses on the ward, but tears from Pyara, who expressed disbelief. She said, “I’m overjoyed. Today is a special day for Trinidad and Tobago.

It’s a special day for me and more for my son. I never thought it will happen today.” It was the first child for Pyara and her husband, Jason Ramnarine, of Penal Rock Road. Both expressed thoughts on what they would like for Trinidad and Tobago in the next 50 years.

“I think my son was a gift from God. I want to grow him up to be a model for the rest of the people in our country. This is a special day for my son and he must be a role model,” Pyara said. The couple has already named their son, Justin Mattius. Mattius, Pyara said, means “A gift to the world.” But an hour before, Nevisa Hosein’s husband delivered his wife’s baby when she went into labour at approximately 3.20 am at their home in Basse Terre Village, Moruga. Assisted by her husband, Richard Beharry, Hosein gave birth to her second child in the family’s house before an ambulance arrived. Shocked at her timely delivery on the occasion of the country’s 50th independence anniversary, Hosein said her due date was in October. “But in pregnancy, anything is possible,” she said. When Hosein began experiencing labour pains, she called her husband.

He explained, “When I arrived the baby was already out. I lift it and wrap it, but I only tied the umbilical cord. The ambulance arrived and took her to the San Fernando General Hospital.” The baby weighed four pounds. The couple has another child, a girl.

Hosein said not in her wildest dreams did she think her child would born on August 31, 2012, when this country celebrated its 50th jubilee independence as a colonial country freed from Britain. She said, “I wish for peace and happiness for everyone and hope my son will grow up to be someone who will remember what true Independence is about.”


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