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Saturday 24 March 2018

Blink / bmobile telecoms stimulus

Manager VIP Services – TSTT

TELECOMMUNICATIONS Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) has taken yet another bold step in its quest to deliver more cost effective, value-added and hassle free services to customers with the re-launch of an enhanced business suite of services.

This VIP treatment extends to some diplomatic corps, business leaders, professionals and other small but significant users of telecoms and aims to offer special benefits and discounts for Internet, Mobile, Fixed Line, Video Conferencing and Blink Vigilance Security Alarm Monitoring services. These include up to 80 percent discount on some services and other concessions which TSTT Chairman Everald Snaggs described as part of the company’s telecoms stimulus package for encouraging greater economic activity.

The re-launch was held at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA), Port-of-Spain, on Friday evening and was attended by Government ministers, business professionals as well as members of the board of TSTT.

The first version of the launch took place in 2008 and Friday’s event was sought to highlight even more services to be offered by the telecommunications company based on customer feedback and research over the past four years.

Snaggs, who delivered the feature address, said the value-added services will provide customers with the ability to derive better profitability, and sustainability for their particular interests, enhance local commerce and ultimately, provide a better quality of life for all citizens.

As Chairman, Snaggs said he has recognised TSTT’s commitment to deliver improved communication services to all its customers and fulfill its role as an economic enabler in Trinidad and Tobago.

He cited a research study by Deloitte Consulting of the USA, which examined the impact of telecommunication providers’ investment in 4G technology. The study concluded that telecommunications operators’ investments had a multiplier effect on a country’s Gross Domestic Product, enhancing the creation of new jobs.

Snaggs said it was critically important for TSTT to continue to build its relationship with stakeholders, entrepreneurs and other professionals, as it continued its thrust to advance the local economy through the use of technology. The VIP suite of services provides some of TSTT’s key customers with customised solutions for improving efficiency, productivity and convenience.

Snaggs shared with guests that over the past three months, TSTT had also built over 43 bzones (expansive Wi-Fi coverage areas with free wireless data services at 4G speeds to blink / bmobile customers) attracting over 12,000 regular users across Trinidad and Tobago.

He said the bzones are part of the bigger plans for TSTT’s soon to launch 4G mobile network. The network upgrades include a comprehensive replacement of old equipment and software with new 4G systems. This is being done incrementally spreading to over 400 cell sites across the country and will not only deliver faster data speeds but also significantly improve coverage and voice quality of mobile calls.

Chief Personal Officer and Director of Trinrico Steel and Wire Products Limited and recipient of the Humming Bird Medal Silver for business, Beatriz Ramoutarsingh, who attended the launch, said she was “very happy” with the improved services to come on stream as they would help her business maintain its edge in an increasingly competitive industry.

“I live on the Internet. My day starts at 3am and from that time, I’m doing my work on the Internet so these services will be a great help to me. We normally have presentations with foreign business people, as well as when we are having any kind of charity event. These upgrades in services will help my business in this capacity.” she said.

“I know there are some teething problems right now but that is expected. I look forward to experiencing everything that TSTT has to offer.”


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