South Intercol match abandoned again

The clash was scheduled to kick off behind closed doors at the Manny Ramjohn Stadium in Marabella, from 4pm. However, when Newsday visited the sporting facility at about 3pm, game officials were seen exiting the compound. When asked whether the match was still to be played, one official replied, “The match get abandon again. Neither of the teams showed up, so there’s no match here today again.”

Contacted Gerald Elliot, secretary of the Secondary School’s Football League (SSFL) South Zone said “Presentation College sent us (SSFL) a report earlier today stating that they will not be taking part in any rematch with Shiva Boys. We had no choice then but to abandon the game once more.” The zonal secretary admitted that the SSFL executive was currently awaiting a final decision on the situation. He stated that the league’s officials will be working steadfastly toward finding a reasonable resolution for this tender matter. Elliot was expected to have a meeting with the remaining executives of the SSFL late yesterday evening.

At about 5pm, the SSFL issued a press release informing the media of Presentation’s decisions. It read “As a consequence, the Secondary Schools Football League will make a determination on the outcome of the SSFL South Intercol 2012 final and the media would be further informed.” At the Manny Ramjohn Stadium yesterday, the car-park was deserted as it was suppose to be a closed door match. Neither of the teams arrived at the venue. Asked about the letter received by the SSFL from Presentation College, Elliot said it contained an explanation and understanding of Monday’s events. Newsday got hold of documents sent by ‘Pres’ which underlined Presentation’s request for full points from the game or forfeit the match if they are asked to be involved in a rematch.

According to Presentation officials “Even if the stadium was empty, there was still a large safety risk for the school’s players and management staff after the match.” The letter, signed by Presentation’s principal Errol Jaikaransingh, was totally against any rematch. It stated “Your decision to have the teams replay the game will not only condone criminal behaviour. It may well become the practice for the supporters of teams that are behind on score sheets, to indulge in hooliganism and criminality in order to disrupt games if they perceive that this will work in favour of their teams by forcing replays.”

The principal also made mention of a recent broadcast by an undisclosed radio station which stated that Godfrey Adams, who has been held for striking linesman Kevin Charles in his head with a bottle, may have been a supporter of the opposing team. Even though Adams was not draped in the school’s attire or had any visible representation of the school on him, Jaikaransingh stood firm in his decision that “Pres” will take part in no rematch against the Shiva Boys team.


"South Intercol match abandoned again"

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