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Thursday 22 February 2018


“Daddy when mom…mom coming home?” It is the one question that two-year-old Solare Alysa Bisnath has kept asking her father Damien Bisnath since the day her mother left the family’s Orange Field, Carapichaima home to give birth to Solare’s baby sister Siara, now five days old.

It is also the one question father of two, Damien, 29, does not know how to respond to his two-year-old daughter.

His wife Sasha Lysa Bisnath, 28, died on Friday night at the San Fernando General Hospital (sfgh) following complications at the Gulf View Medical Centre where a planned C- section operation was performed. However, two years ago at the same private medical centre Sasha also give birth to Solare through a planned Cesarean section operation.

After giving birth to Solare, in 2010 the young mother had taken leave from working at the sfgh to be close to her daughter. Siara was born last Thursday morning at the Gulf View Medical Centre.

“How do I tell a two-year-old that her mother would not be here again. And for Christmas too? I don’t know what to say. How?” said a distraught Damien yesterday speaking to Newsday at a relatives’ home in Calcutta, Freeport.

As he spoke, Solare leaned on her father. Damien said he tries not to speak about his wife when he is in the company of the child. But Solare he said would come up to him and ask about her mother.

“This morning she woke up and ask me if mummy still sick because the last place she (Solare) remembers her being taken to was at the medical centre when she (Sasha ) went to give birth. And she is smart. I don’t know, I just don’t know what to tell her.” said a distraught Damien.

An autopsy revealed the young mother died as a result of a disseminated intra vascular coagulation and bleeding diathesis, post C-section. On Thursday morning, Bisnath was admitted to the private medical institution. It was there medical practitioners performed the C-section.

Sasha’s cousin Simone Amie Baboolal, 31, had told Newsday that after the C-section the mother was allowed to craddle her baby in her arms.

It was shortly after relatives noticed blood on the bed sheet. Sasha started cold sweating and then fell into an unconscious state. Baboolal said they were also told by a nurse on duty that the bleeding was normal. Soon after Sasha was rushed to the SFGH hospital by an ambulance.

Doctors there, Baboolal said, immediately rushed her to the operating theatre and started surgery.Friday morning Sasha’s condition went from “bad to a little better”, but that night things took a negative turn and she deteriorated steadily. Sasha’s body began to swell. Doctors operated on her again, they found ten pints of blood in her stomach. It took close to two hours to clean out the blood from inside her, Baboolal related. Tragically Sasha died Friday night at 8.15 pm.

Sasha’s mother Leela Ali, 50, said she would not rest until she gets answers. “I want answers. my child was healthy when she went to do that C- Section. Now her two children (Siara and Solare) are without a mother.” Ali said the family is seeking legal advice . In addition, Ali said plans are being made to have a second autopsy performed. “ We are not satisfied with the first autopsy and I know something is wrong and my daughter could have been alive today.”Ali said.

Christmas preparations she said have came to a halt for the family. “We can’t even celebrate Christmas. How could we?.” an emotional Ali said. A second autopsy is expected to be performed on Christmas Day. Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan has since indicated that Sasha’s case would be fully investigated.


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