‘No TOP vacancy’

Baker, representative for Tobago West, is one of two TOP MPs in the Parliament.

However, on Monday, in the Tobago House of Assembly election, the Tobago electorate voted in the PNM by a margin of 12-0, defeating the TOP.

Asked whether he would put himself up for the post of political leader, Baker said, “I am not aware of any vacancy in that position.”

On whether the party would call for Jack to step down or meet on the issue, Baker said, “Those matters are within his purview as political leader.”

Baker said he would not resign his seat in Parliament, “Not at all. There may be a few more challenges but we will face those and rebuild. It is the best time to be an MP in Tobago actually.” The other TOP MP, Vernella Alleyne-Toppin, representative for Tobago East, also said the issue of her resignation did not arise.


"‘No TOP vacancy’"

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