Top cop: We will investigate thoroughly

He was speaking yesterday afternoon during a visit to the scene of the fatal accident. The Acting CoP was accompanied by National Security Minister, Jack Warner and Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Kenrick Maharaj.

Responding to allegations that the car driven by an off-duty police officer smelled of alcohol and that a bottle of alcohol was removed from the vehicle by police officers who arrived on the scene of the accident Sunday morning, Williams yesterday told Sea Lots residents everything would be addressed “in a timely manner.”

“I heard people speaking about the officer and whether he was drunk. He has been breath-tested (and) blood has been extracted from him for testing by the hospital.” However, Williams could not say how long after the accident the tests were done.

In appealing to residents not to block the Beetham Highway again, he spoke of the hours-long traffic jam caused yesterday, a weekday, by their early morning roadblock. “As you know,” Williams stated, “we cannot condone the blocking of the roadway. It impacts the entire nation.”


"Top cop: We will investigate thoroughly"

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