Media projects display at National Library

The three-day exhibition featured a wide cross-section of projects from students enrolled in the Higher National Diplomas in Media and Creative Media Production as well as the Bachelors in Arts (Hons) Media and Communications. Local visitors as well as tourists visiting for the Carnival celebrations were treated to a range of moving images including short and silent films, music videos, short animation features, and documentaries.

Two visitors from Bristol, England noted that the productions all had positive messages and were of a very high quality. Visitors were also impressed with the wide array of audio CDs, websites, and publications which included short stories, books on health, cooking and poetry, glossy magazines, and photo-essays.

The visitors encouraged the students to have their work published and in the Library on a permanent basis.

Some students were also on hand to discuss their projects with the public. Krystle Gopaul, a student who recently completed the Bachelors programme noted that it was good that students’ projects were being displayed to a national audience. Her project entitled “Technology and Society” applied the theories of German philosopher Martin Heidegger to social commentary on the way humans are growing increasingly dependent and attached to technological devices.

The Centre for Media Studies hopes to coordinate similar exhibitions throughout the year, with the next being in the southern city of San Fernando.

The CMS was opened in 2003 and is the designated media campus of the School of Business and Computer Science Limited (SBCS), a leading provider of tertiary education in Trinidad and Tobago. SBCS has three other campuses in Champs Fleurs, Trinicity and San Fernando.


"Media projects display at National Library"

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