Archbishop Harris calls for truth

Archbishop Joseph Harris made these comments during the homily for Good Friday Holy Mass held at the pro-Cathedral of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH) RC Church at Harris Promenade San Fernando.

Addressing a packed congregation, the Archbishop emphasised the importance of truth in living a true Christian life. “Are we as a nation whose public and private dealings are characterised by the truth, remembering that a truthful nation is built up of truthful individuals? This answer is a resounding no,” he said. Archbishop Harris was chief celebrant during the Mass on Friday evening.

He explained if as a nation, in which true justice reigns, or if one desires a country of peace and true love then the prime characteristics that one needs to develop as a people is truth.

Archbishop Harris even challenged members of the congregation to be friends of truth and to pass it on to generations to come.

He said, “It is the truth that would set us free. Let us not be afraid of truth. Let us teach our children to be persons of truth. Let our homes be schools of truthful living. It is only when truth becomes the most cherished value in our hearts and minds will we begin to achieve the justice without which peace can never be attained.”

He even called on the congregation to join with him in thanking God for those in this land for whom truth is the most cherished value.


"Archbishop Harris calls for truth"

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