Volney: Wait on Privy Council

Contacted after the ruling, Volney said: “While it is good for the Government that it has gotten a first instance judgment in its favour, I caution against any celebration, for that should be reserved for the final decision.”

Volney, a former High Court judge before entering politics in 2010, said: “ I personally expected that the decision would have gone in favour of the applicants.”

“In all these matters of constitutional law, the interpretation given by the Privy Councillors is often different to earlier instance courts,” he explained. Volney, who is also UNC MP for St Joseph, added: “As a legislator, I feel like a fool as having knowingly legislated rights for citizens and have the court declare that we did no such thing.”

“I shall have to consider my relevance in voting for legislation in the future,” he said. Volney was fired as Justice Minister on September 20, 2012 by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar in relation to Section 34. He was replaced as Justice Minister by Tobago-born attorney and Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) member Christlyn Moore. Contacted yesterday about the ruling, the only comment which Moore gave Newsday was “great.”


"Volney: Wait on Privy Council"

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