Tobago Culinary Fest 2013 a treat for true foodies

The beachside event has morphed from several local cooks showcasing at Mt Irvine Beach to a headliner item on Trinidad and Tobago’s event calendar. Designed to highlight the many reasons why Tobago remains one of the Caribbean’s most versatile culinary destinations, the festival for foodies has grown to also feature chefs from restaurants and hotels across the island.

The thousands of patrons flocking to Pigeon Point will be able to indulge in delicious cuisine while simultaneously witnessing various skills contests. Local chefs will once again face off in the kitchen stadium in the Mystery Basket and Iron Chef competitions. Secondary school students will return to the arena to test their skills and display their talents in the culinary arts; and bartenders will attempt to wow the crowd with their colourful concoctions and mixing skills in the much-anticipated mixology contest.

This year a wine zone will feature both local and international wines. Connoisseurs can sample some of their favourites while curious novices can indulge in tastings offered by popular wine distributors.

The Tobago Culinary Festival remains one of the many initiatives through which the Tobago House of Assembly increases the island’s visibility in the local, regional and international tourism market. The annual festival consistently presents an opportunity to promote Destination Tobago, stimulate economic activity within the tourism business unit and showcase to the world the island’s most delectable signature delicacies.


"Tobago Culinary Fest 2013 a treat for true foodies"

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