Beware mullet spawning in Gulf

It is a miracle that these juvenile fish have survived the massive ongoing oil spills which are spreading their sheen all over the Gulf of Paria. No living creature can survive an oil spill. Will these fish be lucky to survive the seismic air guns? To commence seismic bombing now will further impact on our spawning fish and will affect the entire Caricom fishery whose species migrate here to spawn. How can these microscopic juvenile fish swim quickly enough to escape the explosive high impact sound of seismic air guns? Globally studies have shown that fish do not spawn when air guns are being discharged.

While fresh oil is today spilling onto our choking and grounded communities, Petrotrin is boasting that it will start its seismic activity, and FFOS continue to appeal to the EMA, especially based on the massive and ongoing oil spills, that it should recall its grant of approval for seismic testing until some semblance of stability is achieved in the Gulf of Paria.

Gary Aboud

Secretary, Fishermen and

Friends of the Sea


"Beware mullet spawning in Gulf"

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