Intruder shot dead

Police reported at about 5 am, Justice of the Peace Bonnie Asgar Ali, who lives at the corner of Bombay Street and Kathleen Street in St James, was awakened by the sound of the front door of his home being violently shaken. Ali quickly grabbed his licensed firearm and cautiously made his way toward the front door.

At the same time, the door was forced open by a man brandishing a knife. As the man crossed the threshold, Asgar Ali fired a shot at the intruder who dropped the knife, clutched his stomach and slumped to the ground in the living room.

Keeping his firearm still trained on the fallen intruder, the JP contacted the St James police and then the Emergency Health Services (EHS) asking that an ambulance be despatched to his home.

But before the police and ambulance could arrive, sources said, the intruder who was wearing a khaki coloured short pants and grey jersey, died on the living room floor.

A party of officers from the Western Division and Homicide Bureau of Investigations led by Senior Superintendent Ishmael David, Inspector Henry Dan and Cpl Farrell visited the scene.

Speaking with members of the media yesterday, Asgar Ali said he was extremely sorry that a life was lost, but said he was in fear for his own life and as such, took measures to safeguard himself when his front door was forced open and the man entered his house.

“It is a sad thing what I did. But I didn’t invite him by me. I don’t know this man who came into my house. I had to protect myself. I don’t want to say anymore right now because this matter is currently in the police’s hands,” Asgar Ali said.

His neighbours however praised the JP’s actions. “There have been a lot of robberies and one or two rapes in this area over the past six months. Things are taking place here which are not reported in the media.

Listen, given the number of killings we’ve had in the first days of this year, you can’t take any chances. Right now, as far as I am concerned, that man is a hero,” said a resident who gave his name only as “Jeff”.

Police sources told Newsday that a person who strongly resembled the deceased had been captured on CCTV cameras breaking into and robbing several places in Western Division.

Despite this, up to press time they had no identity for the deceased man and as a result, police are calling on members of the public to assist them in identifying the dead man. Investigations are continuing.


"Intruder shot dead"

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