Machel, Super pick Power positions

The artistes chose their numbers yesterday at Hyatt Regency, Port-of-Spain. Eleven artistes will perform in the Power category while 12 will perform in the Groovy category.

Montano went up first and as he picked his number, Super Blue walked in and made his presence known to Montano and those who attended the event. He ran on stage and hugged Montano, who later gave him a kiss for the cameras. Super Blue then pulled him aside and the two men, looked as if they were consulting on what numbers they should choose with Montano pulling away and saying he had already chosen his number.

After, Super Blue contemplated for a short while on what number to choose before picking number five. Many expressed surprise that he chose to pick a position that was in the middle. Performing in the tenth position is Grenadian artiste Hollice Mapp (Mr Killa) with his very popular song, “Rolly Polly”.

In the Groovy category, Montano also chose to perform last, picking number 12.


"Machel, Super pick Power positions"

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