Reema Carmona: Carnival conduct a mark of moral decay

Speaking at the Interclub of Trinidad and Tobago’s annual International Women’s Day celebration at Pier 1 in Chaguaramas, Carmona said commercialisation has skewed TT’s moral compass and resulted in unethical and distasteful conduct.

“The perceived licence exercised and the conduct exhibited during Carnival may well be a reflection of the more insidious aspects of our daily existence which we knowingly and willingly accept into our lives and the lives of our family, which truly mark the moral decay of our society,” she said.

Carmona challenged attendees at the event to take control of themselves and consider the language they use, conversations they engage in, movies they watch, music they listen to, clothes they wear, places they go and things they do.

She also asked them to take control of their health and that of their families, noting lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension were prevalent in the country.

“The preemptive strike of change must take place in the kitchen and in the meals we provide. We are shortening the lives of our loved ones when we allow them to engage in unhealthy eating habits,” she said.

Referring to numerous reports of violence and abuse against women and children recently, Carmona noted that some homes had become battlefields, prisons and torture chambers.

She said some women endure abuse from male relatives because they believe they have no where else to go.

“The feelings of hopelessness and helplessness maintain the mentality of victimhood that leaves women paralysed, afraid to demand that they be treated with dignity and equality,” she said.

Saying there were both Government and non-government organisations providing support to women who want to get themselves and their children out of harmful situations, said she recognised that many women were not informed of their options, or that options were not accessible.

She suggested more proactive and realistic outreach initiatives were necessary.

Carmona advised that every woman should be their “sister’s keeper” instead of remaining silent spectators.


"Reema Carmona: Carnival conduct a mark of moral decay"

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