Dana’s killer targets Cops

Well-placed intelligence sources yesterday revealed that they have in their possession info that Seetahal’s suspected assassin received instructions from within prison walls to eliminate head of Central Division Snr Supt Johnny Abraham, Inspector Terrence Williams, Inspector Linus Benjamin, Sgt Jitindra Toolaram and Constable Justin Abraham, son of Snr Supt Abraham.

Newsday understands information was gathered by an intelligence agency whose officers then passed on the information to Snr Supt Abraham and the four other officers. They were advised to take necessary precautions.

However, on Tuesday at about 4 pm, three men in a vehicle who are believed to be known associates of the suspected Seetahal assassin, were in the Caparo area seeking directions to Snr Superintendent Abraham’s home. One of those asked, later contacted Snr Supt Abraham, to inform him that men in a vehicle were asking for his address.

Abraham despatched officers from his Task Force to the area and the three men whose ages are 25, 26, and 27 were nabbed and taken to the Chaguanas Police Station where they remain detained.

Newsday understands with the detention of the three men some stringent security arrangements have been put in place in the Central Division. Contacted yesterday Snr Supt Abraham confirmed he was tipped off about a plot to kill him and other officers, but said, “the officers in Central are on higher than usual alert based on the information received that a hit has been put on me and some of my officers,

“But they must remember we are ready and waiting on them for any eventuality. As a matter of fact the entire Central Division team of officers have their eyes and ears to the ground and they are giving full support to officers whose lives are under threat and those threats will not send any shivers down our spines.

“We will continue to do whatever we have been doing,” Abraham said, adding that if anyone comes to Central to commit any crime they must be prepared to face the full consequences of their action.

Newsday also understands that a prisoner who has been issuing orders to carry out various executions continues to be under surveillance. However, investigators have decided to

hold their hands in taking him into custody, just yet. Sources also revealed yesterday that Seetahal’s assassin has not left the country and is hiding out at a particular location in Laventille. Officers said an arrest should be made within the next 48 hours and are confident of making a major breakthrough into the assassination of Seetahal.

Sources added that a man in charge of a gang in East Trinidad recently moved to Laventille after

another known gang leader was jailed under the anti-gang legislation. The East Trinidad gang leader is now controlling gangs in Laventille and Beetham and is believed to be the mastermind in the murder of Sentinel security guard Bert Clarke, 59, on Wednesday November 27, when millions of dollars belonging to various banks were stolen by the killer.


"Dana’s killer targets Cops"

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