SWMCOL monitors landfill after fire

In a release, General Manager of Communications, Sales and Marketing, George Elias said, “The situation is however being closely monitored as the severity of the current Dry Season puts the surrounding vegetation at risk of re-ignition. There has been no occurrence of injury or loss of property reported as a result of this incident.”

Elias explained, “At about 9 am, there was a small fire in a single, specific location at a remote point on the landfill. The cause is unknown and we don’t want to speculate.” The fire sent thick black smoke into the atmosphere, which was blown by the wind into Port-of-Spain. Although the smoke remained visible throughout the day, it did not cause the panic and respiratory issues caused by the multiple fires in January of this year.

Elias noted that, by 10 am, the fire had been contained and controlled by the use of sand and dirt, and the smoke had already began to dissipate significantly.

The Fire Service was also on hand with appliances to provide assistance if required. A team from the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) was also dispatched to the site to conduct air quality tests. These were conducted at Success Laventille Secondary School, NP House Car Park and downtown Port-of-Spain. In a statement the EMA stated, “Preliminary reports indicate that the air quality is at an acceptable standard” and that they would continue to monitor the air quality and notify the public of any changes. Earlier this year, the city was engulfed by smoky clouds for nearly a week due to fires at the landfill.


"SWMCOL monitors landfill after fire"

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