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Saturday 20 January 2018

Some questions on procurement

THE EDITOR: How has our nation benefitted from not improving procurement legislation?

Is this coincidence or deliberate planning? Are all of the special purpose companies still not procuring in the same manner as they did under the mystified bogeyman of Calder Hart?

After spending years criticising Calder Hart with us on his evening programme, the Power Drive, could Minister Anil Roberts speak out on this issue? With spending gone wild, who has benefitted from the fact that procurement legislation has not in any way changed under the Kamla Persad-Bissessar government?

Our question still stands, and we would really appreciate it if all of the supporters of our Government would sit up and think about a responsible answer.

How has our nation benefitted from not improving procurement legislation?

At the end of the day, there is no sustainability if the Treasury is haemorrhaging with every billion spent ...and it is! Could our Prime Minister come forward and account on this critical matter?

1. After four long years, what has been done to prepare and lay this critical and promised legislation?

2. Will the PP now rush this procurement legislation as we near elections?

3. Will it be passed in time or not?

4. Who is to be held accountable for this legislative fiasco?

5. Will it, in this sunset hour, now be debated and sent to special committee after special committee, like so many before it, on the eve of elections, and then never be passed?

6. If the PNM wins, does anyone expect this legislation to be passed, which in effect stitches up the same haemorrhage which politicians have benefitted from?

7. Has the PP and its leadership deliberately betrayed the population with this legislative promise?

8. What pressure can be brought to bear on the PP so that it does what it says ...now?

9. Noting that Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley is not reported to have complained about this legislative delay in procurement legislation, what can we expect from his party if they win?

Gary Aboud

Secretary, FFOS


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