Students in tears

“At first I was in shock, then I just started to cry,” said a student during an interview outside the school yesterday. The students spoke in glowing terms of 16-year-old Tevin Alexander who attended the school.

“In school Tevin was a good person. He was respectful and never really fought with anyone else. He used to do his work. He was real bright and loved litereature. He was good in Electronic Data Processing. He was also a talented midfielder on the football field. This boy didn’t deserve to die like that. He and his cousin deserve justice,” cried another student.

Other students who were wiping away tears, said that Tevin was held up as a role model and a person who should be emulated because of his ability to balance studies with sports. Students stood in small groups yesterday, discussing the boys’ deaths.

Meanwhile, autopsy reports confirmed the two boys died from multiple gunshot wounds. According to Lisa De Leon-Alexander, her son Tevin had been riddled with bullets with the pathologist unable to determine exactly how much times he had been shot.

“If you could have only seen them. Those two boys were covered in bullet holes! This is beyond heinous! My child promised me he would get an engineering degree. He said if he doesn’t make it, he wants to go hotel school, because he loved to cook. How could you rob him of that chance just because he was running from someone else who did not want to do good.

“I don’t expect to get justice, I don’t expect to get understanding or compassion because we as Trinidadians are operating without compassion for human life. But Jesus will give me my justice,” De Leon-Alexander cried.

Police reported that at about 4.15 pm on Monday, police were responding to reports of shots fired in the Chinapoo area and when they responded, were greeted by gunfire. Police took cover and returned fire, which led to the two boys being shot.

However eyewitness reports say the two boys were fleeing from the area where gunshots were heard when they encountered police officers at Superville Hill. Witnesses said on seeing the police, Tevin and Hakeem fell to their knees in surrender and were shot.


"Students in tears"

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