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Thursday 22 March 2018

Life’s purpose is not about girls, money, and music

Rev Ricky Mc Clutchie yesterday called on young people to seek God and fear him, as he said a passionate prayer for a “new breed of youths” to emerge after the funeral service for cousins, 15-year-old Tevin ‘Pops’ Alexander, and 16-year-old, Hakeem Alexander.

The boys died after they were shot by police in Chinapoo, Morvant on June 9 last.

At the Daybreak Assembly, Coconut Drive, Morvant, Mc Clutchie called on the young mourners, mostly made up of students from the schools the boys attended- Belmont Boys Secondary and Success Laventille Secondary - to come before him, so he could pray for them.

Dozens of students surrounded the pastor as he prayed, that they use their potential and gifts for good, and that they did not leave the church the same people they were before they entered.

In his sermon, Mc Clutchie said young people usually think because they are young, they have a lot of time, and they feel immortal.

“You don’t study death, this is a wake up call to the young men and the youths in this congregation, you are young today, you don’t know if you will be old,” he said.

He told the young mourners that their life was not a mistake and they had a purpose.

“Purpose does not begin with money, or sex. It does not even begin with you, purpose begins with the one who created you. Your life has purpose, it is not about the girls, it is not about the money, it is not about the music,” he said.

Mc Clutchie asked them to keep in mind while they have their fun and laughter, there was a God, they will stand before one day.

At the service, many mourners were seen wearing white t-shirts with a picture of the two cousins. Some wore medals, in tribute to Hakeem, who last year, won a bronze medal for this country in the Boys’ Under 17, 3,000 metre race at the Carifta Games in Bahamas. Hakeem, laid in a coffin lined with the national colours, wearing the national team’s jacket. Students of Success Laventille wore black ribbons in memory of their friend, while classmates of Tevin at Belmont Boys, weeped openly. One boy, sobbed loudly and had to be consoled by his principal, Lucia Reyes-Griffith and friends. One of Tevin’s teachers who described him as a remarkable student said his death was hard for his classmates. She explained that the boys called Tevin “Pops” because he was always giving them advice and helping them when he could

In her eulogy, Tevin’s mother Lisa Alexander, said they would have regrets and they may feel there were things they could have done differently, but the family should take comfort in knowing they did the best they could with what they had.

The boys were later buried at the Tunapuna Public Cemetery.


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