Teleios receives global award

Leading the delegation was Teleios’ Chief Operating Officer (COO) Kevin Khelawan. Accompanying him were Sean Hinds, Manager, Mobile Products and Services and Irwin Williams, Cloud and Mobility Group Lead.

The awards recognised Teleios’ first place in Microsoft’s YouthSpark Citizenship Award at the global level, as well as for first place at the Regional (Latin American Region (LATAM) level for the work the company was doing with students across Trinidad and Tobago with their annual Teleios Code Jam (TCJ) project.

TCJ is designed to expose university students to team-based, collaborative software development by bringing together students, academia and industry and at the same time trying to change the mindset of our students and make them realise they had the ability to create software to address real world issues.

Commenting on the company’s achievements, Ronald Hinds, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Teleios said, “A global award of this kind causes us at Teleios to reflect on the years of work motivated purely by a desire to upgrade the skill and mentalities of students, fully understanding the potential for impact well beyond their academic life.” He added, “Microsoft’s YouthSpark Citizenship Award and the recognition that comes with it, is really icing on the cake.”

In his turn, Khelawan said, “Recognition for our Teleios Code Jam programme is particularly special for us since the project represents the very heart of Teleios. It is a great honour to be recognised and awarded by Microsoft for this.” Speaking for Microsoft, Phil Sogren, Corporate vice-president, Worldwide Partner Group, Microsoft Corporation said, “Microsoft’s success as a company depends on great partners and Teleios Systems is a shining example of the kind of innovation our partner ecosystem drives year after year.”

He further said, Microsoft was honoured to recognise Teleios Systems as the 2014 winner of the YouthSpark Citizenship Award and “we applaud Teleios’ dedication to providing innovative solutions that drive results for our mutual customers.” Teleios Systems provides services that help its customers to quickly and effectively deploy business solutions that leverage the power of the Internet and mobile communications technologies. In the last 13 years Teleios Systems has developed expertise in the areas of scalable, distributed systems and today has systems that run 24/7/365 with 99 percent uptime. Teleios serves customers in the Caribbena across the government, energy, retail, finance and teklecommunications industries. Four years ago Teleios Systems, which was founded in 1997 by Hinds, Khelawan and Bevil Wooding copped the Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award.


"Teleios receives global award"

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