The relative claimed police knew of her killer’s whereabouts as they had been informed that he only recently begun living with a woman in Caroni. On the weekend, mother of one Salma Chadee, 19, was murdered a similar fashion. A manhunt has been launched once again for the suspect who is believed to be the same man who killed Mahangoo-Charles.

Mahangoo-Charles was shot and killed inside her home at Stony Hill, Tarodale, San Fernando — her 15-year-old daughter was also shot but survived. The couple’s seven-year-old son escaped injury.

In an article printed in Newsday on November, 2014 and headlined “Killer still at large”, the relative stated: “They (police) don’t really want to hold him because he living right in Caroni with a woman.”

On Saturday night at her Chadee Road, Caroni home, teenager Salma Chadee was shot and killed during an altercation with a man whom she recently began a relationship. Despite being confined to a wheelchair because of an accident in which both his legs were broken, the man shot and killed Chadee. Police reported that after hitting her several times about the body, he pointed the gun at Chadee’s brother Fareed who came to her rescue and ordered him to take him outside to a waiting vehicle, which he got into and sped off.

Yesterday the concerned relative spoke with Newsday. “The blood of that girl is on the hands of the police, they were never really interested in holding him as he was allowed to move around freely although they knew of his whereabouts.”

He warned that the suspect will kill again. “I think the police are afraid to challenge him because he has no fear and wants to kill a policeman as revenge. He went to central Trinidad because he is looking for the policeman who he believes was responsible for breaking up his relationship with Mahangoo-Charles.”

Since Mahangoo-Charles’s murder, Newsday was told the suspect who hails from Macaulay, Claxon Bay, was seen several times in the area visiting relatives and friends. His son lives with relatives in Claxton Bay.

“We does see him, we does talk to him...he came home for Eid,” Newsday was told. “I tell you police don’t want to lock him up.” The relative further stated that Chadee accompanied the suspect on several occasions to Claxton Bay when he came to visit relatives.

Speaking of an accident in which the suspect was involved, the relative said he was baffled as to how the man managed to receive medical attention without being detected. “That again shows police didn’t want him,” he said. “They could have stopped him when he got his two feet broken in the accident and went to hospital for treatment. He was in the hospital. They know he is on a mission to kill and he is shooting to kill.”

Meanwhile, Mahangoo-Charles’ relatives said they are once again forced to relive their nightmare of eight months ago and are now living in fear. A female relative told Newsday, ‘It just isn’t right what happened and we are watching our backs right now. Police promised to pass and check us out.”

“Imagine this man in a wheelchair and still got away...this is ridiculous. Everybody helping him which is real nonsense. We are worried he might strike a third time.” Up to yesterday a nationwide hunt continued for the suspect. Two men, from the Vistabella area, were detained on Sunday in connection with harbouring a fugitive.



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