PM’s masterly handling of Cabinet tiff

The discarded part and his connecting rod have since gone on to be a loose cannon, threatening to strike some telling blows and calling on remaining affiliated parts to down tools and leave the engine room. It’s the first time a cylinder has blown its gasket AFTER being scrapped. Hey, Mr and Mrs Gary Griffith! It’s the morning after! Guess what? The sky is still firmly in place. It hasn’t fallen! Ya’ll need to rise and smell the coffee!

Rankers in the military are expected to be officers and gentlemen. Not crybabies. Certainly, not mutinous. In Griffith’s case, the issue isn’t whether he’s telling the truth. It’s that he picked the wrong arena to mouth off. Two wrongs do not make a right. If a problem with a fellow Cabinet minister existed, he ought to have gone to his Commander-in-Chief...promptly. Not the media. Such cluelessness tends to destabilise governments. It advances no worthwhile cause.

In the four and a half years since taking charge, Kamla has demonstrated total fearlessness and pragmatism when dealing with giant-sized headaches. Had Griffith reported to her, the country would not have been placed under unnecessary stress. She would’ve handled the matter expeditiously and with aplomb. Instead, thanks to Griffith, Trinidad and Tobago was whipped into a frenzy by a bloodthirsty media, to the point where, just before the tuneup, everything was practically teetering on the brink. In the Army, or under the PNM, Griffith would’ve been placed under house arrest. As it stands, he has boxed himself into a corner without outside help. Don’t be surprised if he tries to escape by heading west.

Richard Wm Thomas

Via email


"PM’s masterly handling of Cabinet tiff"

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