Nine mosques get cheques

Speaking to reporters afterwards at the Moruga/ Tableland constituency office located at the corner of Kanhai Trace north and Rochard Douglas road, Barrackpore yesterday, Minister de Coteau described the cheque distribution as a show of appreciation for the Muslim community.

Regarding his campaigning in the constituency which is generally regarded as one of the key battlegroundconstituencies, De Coteau said the campaign had been making headway into traditional PNM areas.

“I am very confident about my campaign, he said, adding it was “systematic, strategic, tactical and effective.”

And asked about complaints that infrastructure works were not done throughout the sprawling constituency, he said, “that is not true, it was spread throughout the constituency, this constituency is the second largest constituency, with 241 square miles.”

“Moruga was in a total state of abandonment, we were able to get the police station going, upgrade the beach front, do some work on the spring bridge, maintain the Heritage site, improve the lighting at various recreation parks and provide water for Penal Rock road,’ he said.

De Coteau also noted that the Imams request for an Islamic cemetery had received Cabinet approval and the lands would now have to be surveyed and have the necessary infrastructure put in place at the facility located along the Rochard Douglas road.

Meanwhile, Imam of the ASJA #1 Masjid, Lower Barrackpore, Yacoob Mohammed, described De Coteau as the ‘best’ MP within Trinidad and Tobago saying the Muslim community would show their support for him on September 7, General Election Day.

“We pledge ourselves to support Mr Clifton De Coteau in any form and in any way and on the seventh , election day, we will all be victorious,’ Mohammed said, adding, “my motto is forward ever, backward never.”

De Coteau also dismissed reports that the ‘No Rowley’ website, which was launched by the ruling UNC on Monday, as being a hate campaign saying it was the choice facing the voting population on September 7, 2015.

“I don’t think it is a hate campaign,” De Coteau said, adding, “there are two leaders to choose from and whether you are going to choose Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissessar, who has proven to be a visionary leader or you going to choose Dr Rowley.”


"Nine mosques get cheques"

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