MSJ calls on Govt to take action

“We would like to know there is a clear policy to establish forensic investigations by competent, independent forensic auditors.

We would like to know that special prosecutors, perhaps, are necessary and are appointed to focus specifically on this issue of white collar crimes and misbehaviour in public office,” said MSJ political leader David Abdulah as he spoke yesterday during a press conference at the party’s headquarters at St Joseph Village, San Fernando.

He charged that “deeply disturbing revelations” such as the national debt and the awarding of contracts to State enterprises, must be fully investigated.

“It is not for these matters to just lie in the public domain as revelations. It cannot be a matter of scoring political points in Parliament or on platforms. This information must now lead to action against those who may have engaged in acts of wrongdoing.

Wrongdoers must be brought to justice and if those accused are innocent then their names must be cleared.

“We, the MSJ do not have confidence that the Police Service has the necessary resources and ability to do all of this investigation on its own. It requires special forensic auditors and special prosecutors to gather the evidence and present it to competent authorities for prosecution in the courts of TT. That is vital,” Abdulah charged.

As a society, the people must move from the realm of “ole talk and speculation” to the realm of facts and so the evidence can lead to prosecution and conviction, he added. Expressing concern over controversial issues Abdulah urged government to set the right policy framework for those investigations to take place effectively.


"MSJ calls on Govt to take action"

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