President Carmona hails Hindu community

He hoped the lessons of Divali would not be lost in the festival’s celebrations, but would persevere in our daily interactions, and help to unite us. He opined that TT citizens’ innate benevolence will triumph over the forces of evil as played out by crime and racial/ political intolerance.

Observing that Divali is perhaps the most anticipated and revered occasion on the Hindu calendar, Carmona said in this country, “Divali is an open window into the rich, ornate culture and heritage of the Hindu community that has proudly transcended generations since indentureship.

On the significance of the lighted deya to Divali, the President said, “This message of ‘good over evil’ symbolised through the many lighted ‘deyas’ that adorn homes, villages and the streets of TT on the eve of Divali, represent the light, the good, the benevolence that are innate in our people, and which will always prevail over forces of evil and darkness, played out through our disturbing rates of crime and at times, our political and racial disharmony.” Carmona observed that in the same way that Lord Rama conquered King Ravana in an epic battle of good over evil, all citizens of this country have a responsibility, “to denounce any act of violence, crime, abuse and racial and political discrimination.” The President said, “The battle for good starts with the individual and can be won by the collective pursuit, strength and ideals of a society committed to the gains of light over darkness, good over evil, positive over negative.”


"President Carmona hails Hindu community"

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