No Moonilal or Bharath should Kamla return to government

Persad-Bissessar said: “These men who sat on my right hand, on my left hand, big minister in jacket and tie, flashing blue lights driving up and down to the Hyatt, going to the Hilton, big work, big job saying they had nothing to do with the fortunes of our great party.

That is really the way of a coward who will not own up that together we made mistakes and together we must deal with those mistakes.” To loud cheers she continued: “ It is the same Kamla who took them into government and is with your help, it will be the same Kamla who will take us back into government but this time when we go back into government those persons who abused you, rough you up, treat you bad, they will not go back with us into government.” Saying that although Moonilal or Bharath never supported her leadership in 2010, she still gave them key ministries. She said she has had enough of them and advised supporters to vote in her entire slate in Saturday’s internal elections as persons from Moonilal’s or Bharath’s slates may not be team players.

“I had enough trouble for five years, so don’t do it again this election, don’t do it,” she advised. “I need a strong team that is fully supportive, dedicated and therefore when I am working, I don’t have to worry who stabbing me from the back, I won’t have to worry about that, we had that already.” During her conversation, she openly rejected the offer from her opponents one of whom promised to give her an advisory role should she lose the contest.

She asked: “You really think I want to advise that fellow? If I couldn’t do it in five years in government when he sat on my right hand, how you think I can advise anybody like that.” In obvious reference to Moonilal, Persad-Bissessar said she did not have the money for large music trucks, full page colour advertisements and “to buy out every single radio station” as has been happening in his camp.

“If he gives me the money to pay for the advertisement, I will be very happy,” she said to her flag-waving supporters


"No Moonilal or Bharath should Kamla return to government"

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