Who is the mysterious cyclist?

Over the past week, speculations have been rife pertaining to who are the riders.

Thus far, numerous reports across the Caribbean have pointed fingers in the directions of Bajan Darren Matthews and Guyanese Alanzo Greaves.

According to a recent statement made by Guyana Cycling Federation president Horace Burrowes on the organisation’s Facebook Page, he revealed that, “not only Alanzo Greaves has tested positive but cyclist(s) from Barbados, Jamaica and Columbia also tested positive.” These statements have however, implicated the image of famed road cyclist Marloe Rodman, who was the only Jamaican tested on the day.

So much so, that upon being notified of Burrowes’ public declaration via social media, Jamaica’s head of cycling Kirk Finnikin responded in defence of his athlete.

He revealed that Burrowes’ comment, “is unfortunate as JCF’s (Jamaica Cycling Federation) president nor the athlete has been contacted in relation to any such preposterous test result by any formal testing body, which is protocol based on the understanding with the JCF. Marloe Rodman is a Jamaican who trains hard and executes on race day, drug free.” Having also spoken to Rodman on Thursday, he refuted Burrowes’ claims and assured that he “did not test positive or return any adverse analytical findings”. So who is this mysterious third cyclist? Newsday attempted to get to the bottom of this tit-for-tat situation yesterday but all attempts to contact the Guyana Cycling Federation and its president on their claims proved futile.

However, communicating with Caribbean RADO executive director Tessa Chaderton-Shaw yesterday, she confirmed that three riders did in fact return adverse analytical findings.

When asked if she was privy to release the names or countries these riders hailed from, Chaderton- Shaw issued the following statement.

“The Caribbean Regional Anti- Doping Organization (RADO) conducted testing in Guyana on Sunday, November 1st, 2015.

The lab results from the mission confirmed three (3) adverse analytical findings. The cyclists have been notified by their respective Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) and these matters are currently being reviewed by the Results Management Committee of the athletes’ ADOs.

To ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the results management process, and in order to respect Article 14.3.5 of the World AntiDoping Code, no further details can or will be provided at this time. Guyana is one of fifteen member countries comprising the Caribbean RADO.” The RADO executive member however disclosed that once there is an Adverse Analytical Finding (AAF), the athlete is notified in writing.

His/her local federation is copied as well as the team manager, WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), and the International Sport Federation.

The athlete is given a deadline to respond. The matter is then referred to a Results Management Committee (a team of lawyers) who look at all the evidence and make a decision


"Who is the mysterious cyclist?"

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