Kaiso Queen results are in

Amrika Mutroo bowled out 19 other competitors for the crown with a song entitled “All Lives Matter”. It was a commanding performance that won the hearts of everyone present in the Hall on the night.

Also capturing full attention of the audience was Wendy Garrick with her delivery of “For We to Overcome”. She placed second, while third berth went to Marsha Clifton (Lady Adana) with her rendition of “A Murder A Day”.

Following are the results released by hosts of the event, NWAC:
1st place - Amrika Mutroo — All Lives Matter
2nd place - Wendy Garrick — For We to Overcome
3rd place - Marsha Clifton (Lady Adana) — A Murder A Day
4th place - Sasha Ann Moses — A Matter of Trust
5th place - Natasha Nurse — The Results Are In
6th place - Roslyn Reid — It’s All Because of You
7th place - Terri Lyons — Culture Army 8th place - Georgia Mc Intyre — Just One Mile 9th place - Tricia Sobers — The Blood That Speaks 10th place - Allison Bernard — Black and Ready


"Kaiso Queen results are in"

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