CNC3 ‘justifies’ Alleyne telecast

Alexander, who otherwise hosts “Beyond the tape” for the rival TV6 Television, arrested Alleyne at the home of a Chaguanas businessman.

On Sunday, the Media Association (MATT) claimed that CNC3’s exclusion of certain utterances by Alleyne from its telecast of the incident had misled the public, and had been a breach of basic journalistic ethics. MATT’s statement said full tape was only aired by a rival station. Yesterday, a CNC3 statement refuted the allegation, saying the station has always upheld the highest standards of journalism which they now recommit to.

The station said that at no point did they intend to deliberately mislead the public in our reporting on Alleyne’s arrest. “In our desire to abide by the provisions of the Telecommunications Act, we removed offensive material from the video of the arrest of Mr Alleyne which was now lawfully fit to be published in a newscast,” said CNC3. “In hindsight, we recognise that we should have also publicly indicated that an obscenity was used.

If any of our viewers were misled, we unreservedly apologize.” Several senior executive members of MATT are employed at CNC3.


"CNC3 ‘justifies’ Alleyne telecast"

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