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Sunday 25 March 2018

Boy, 4, sexually molested

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD boy has been sexually molested at his home in West Trinidad.

According to reports, the boy was at home with his parents, an 18-year-old male relative and a six-year-old relative when the incident occurred.

According to police reports at about 12.30 pm last Sunday, the boy’s father was alerted to the child’s screams and when he enquired, he was told by the 18-year-old that the four-yearold boy had fallen and was crying.

The next day while the child’s mother was giving him a bath she observed that his anus was reddish and swollen.

The child was asked about the injuries but he remained quiet.

The mother of the child asked the six-year-old who he (the four-year-old) was in company with on Sunday and was told that the teenaged relatives was seen “wining on (name called) buttocks.” The startled and hysterical woman took the four-year-old child to the West End Police Station and made a report.

Officers of the Child Protection Unit were alerted and they took the victim to a District Medical Officer whose medical exam revealed that there was sexual penetration of the child’s anus.

The little boy has not divulged any information to officers and counsellors have been brought in to speak with the child.

The suspect has since fled from his home and is believed to be in hiding.

Investigations are continuing.

On Wednesday officials of the Children’s Authority called on parents and guardians to be on the alert over the long Easter weekend for sexual predators and advised that children should not be left in the care of persons who may harm or injure them.

The Child Protection Unit is investigating over 4,000 cases of abuse against children.


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