Speed guns to take effect Monday

Minister of Works and Transport Fitzgerald Hinds, made this announcement yesterday at a press conference at the ministry’s head office in Port-of- Spain.

“We in Trinidad and Tobago, the traffic management branch, we instituted and installed a stop speed camera along one of the highways in this country, and the statistics coming from that pilot project is a very grave revelation indeed. For example, when we put the legal speed limit up, 80kmph, we find that on a daily basis, an average of 550 persons exceed that limit...at a single location,” Minister Hinds said.

He said data shows that 55 percent of fa- talities result from speeding, 30 percent as a result of alcohol impairment; ten percent as a result of failure to use one’s seatbelt and five percent as a result of behaviours like red light running. A $1,000 fine will have to be paid for breaching the speed limit.


"Speed guns to take effect Monday"

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