Trini art on exhibit in Paris

The exhibition is titled “Mixed Bag” and is the first international BoxOut art exhibit to be hosted by the 59Rivoli Gallery in Paris for the Caribbeanbased non-profit organisation Farrall-Frederick’s and Todd’s works comprise of embroidery pieces, while Knights, Baldeosingh and Gardner are exhibiting mixed media pieces.

The exhibit is being curated by Gardner.

Gardner says this newest fundraising project was launched with the hope of making international small works of contemporary art more accessible to collectors around the world, while creating a financial support system to promote and educate about the genre.

“This is the fourth exhibition hosted by But it is the first fundraising exhibit and the first in Paris,” Gardner tells WMN. “The funds will be used to promote the permanent collection of Thru Contemporary Arts.

To support the ongoing efforts of to continue to exhibit its permanent collection of contemporary art in developing countries throughout the Caribbean, Africa and South America.” The permanent collection includes the works of artists Gardener, Knight, Todd, Farrall-Frederick, Judith Ganz from Germany, Ken Knowlton and Stan Squirewell of the US, Beata Obst from Poland, and Derge Game from the Netherlands. “But we are constantly adding new artists to the permanent collection,” Gardner says.

The Paris exhibition features a wide variety of international small contemporary art works including paintings, drawings, mix media, photography, embroidery and digital pieces.

About the organisations 59Rivoli is a cultural alternative space in the heart of Paris, France that houses 30 artists’ studios and a gallery on the main floor. BOXOUT is a project and the fundraising arm of the non-profit arts organisation GETTHRU.

org. The main project of is Thru Contemporary Arts, a global collaboration of artists, writers and curators which houses and maintains a juried collection of contemporary art. Based in Trinidad and Tobago, GETHRU.

org focuses on exhibition, education and the preservation of contemporary arts. The organisation acquires and promotes the artworks of prominent contemporary artists.

This public collection is exhibited at museums, galleries and spaces with the goal of educating and introducing under-served communities to various forms of contemporary art. www.


"Trini art on exhibit in Paris"

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