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Thursday 22 March 2018

Boy, 9, buggered

A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy who was removed from his Central Trinidad home by the Children’s Authority last October and placed in a children’s home in South Trinidad, reported to the manager of the home two days ago, that he was the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of an older child, who is also a ward at the home.

The manager immediately contacted the Children’s Authority who interviewed the boy and took the decision to remove the alleged offender to the St Michael’s Home for Boys in Diego Martin. The boy’s mother was contacted on the matter and she secured the services of attorneys Gerald Ramdeen and Darryl Heeralal to secure the interests of her son.

According to reports, when the alleged victim was interviewed by the Children’s Authority, he could not give a specific date and time that the assault had taken place, but he was able to identify his alleged attacker as a 13-year-old boy from the same home. The alleged victim claimed that he was forcibly held down and buggered.

Newsday understands that up until yesterday the boy had not yet been medically examined by a doctor and no official report has been made to the police station in the area where the home is located.

Sources revealed that the Children’s Authority will carry out their own investigation and at some point in time will seek to have the boy medically examined by a doctor.

After the results are presented to them the police will be called in. Newsday understands that in September last year the neighbors of the nine-year-old boy reported to police that the boy was being constantly beaten by a male relative at his Central home. The police called in the Children’s Authority and the matter went to the Family Court which ruled that the boy should be placed at the children’s home.

Newsday understands that the boy’s mother has been visiting him regularly and the Family Court is due to rule on an assessment by the Children’s Authority to have the boy returned home


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