Books of memories

“Writing is my creative outlet, I always had it in my heart to be a writer. I did a course online and joined the Writer’s Union and started writing short stories.

It was then I was told I should write a novel,” Salazar said.

The country girl as she refers to herself, moved to Belmont when she was seven-years-old.

She found out what a mermaid was from her grandfather who told her stories about the Ferry River at the end of Las Cuevas that runs into the sea. He said long ago ferries passed through the river to transport cocoa and people claimed that they had seen mermaids there.

“At age six or seven I was fascinated with mermaids and liked the concept. I think I watched every mermaid movie that was ever made!” she says gleefully.

The book which is a mythical tale of merfolk (collective noun for mermaids and mermen) took three years to write. Salazar says she will stick to fiction and write more books in the series. “I believe in writing what you know and writing what you like. I write stories, I always liked fantasy. I want to write stories that I would have liked to read as a child. To create an entire world in your head and put it down on paper and for someone to be able to follow it, I think is quite amazing!” Salazar has had several highs since her book launch last year.

One that stood out was when she was invited to be guest speaker at the Moruga RC School graduation.

“I thought they would have wanted someone more recognised so I was really humbled and honoured. It was an amazing experience.” Working with her sponsor Mario’s Pizzeria has also been an incredible experience. The company has journeyed with her since before her book launch and together they launched a short story contest at the St Augustine branch on May 19. The winners will be announced on June 10.

“I want to do more. The children have a lot of fun, but I think I have more fun than them. It’s really rewarding to see people enjoy what you worked so hard for.” Salalzar was further encouraged when a parent told her on social media that everyone in her household read her book and couldn’t wait to get the next one whenever it’s written.

Of her greatest wish, Salazar declares: “Just as how my grandfather’s story stayed with me throughout my life, if I was a child again I would want to read a book that I would remember my entire live and I think Selima and the Merfolk is a book like this. I want to create lasting memories through my books.” Selima and the Merfolk is available on the author’s website www.pouipublishingandproductions.

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"Books of memories"

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