Guild President condemns nude photos leak

Peters urged students to think about their future before consenting to having such pictures taken of them.

“I strongly condemn anything that may tarnish a person’s character or image. That is a breach of one’s trust and it violates one’s personal life and these actions have devastating consequences on students. I would encourage them to discontinue any sort of action relating to that because they have their whole lives ahead of them, and what you do now will have serious implications in the future.” Peters added that he has not seen the photographs or the list of names attached and therefore could not be certain that any of the females who appeared in the leak were in fact current students of the university, however, he said the Guild is prepared to provide counselling and emotional support for any students affected by the incident.

“The Guild at any point in time stands ready to assist students in whatever way, whether through financial or emotional support, there is stuff in place to help students.

Guild is prepared to assist any students who feel the need to do these things to obtain money. We encourage young women and even men to discontinue from such actions which may tarnish their reputation for years to come.



"Guild President condemns nude photos leak"

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