UWI Principal: Guilty students will pay

“As well, if they are found guilty of breaking the rules of the university and bringing it into disrepute, they will be subjected to the university’s disciplinary measures,” he added. Asked whether students had made complaints to the administration about being blackmailed to give nude photos of themselves or would have expressed concerns about it, Sankat told Newsday yesterday, “I know absolutely nothing about it”, adding he only got wind of the incident by watching news on television on Wednesday evening .

“I have heard nothing about it formally,” he said. “Let the police do their job. If our students are guilty they will feel the brunt of the law.” While at this time there are only allegations, Sankat said, “I am really disappointed, shocked and disgusted that these images would bring our female students into disrepute.” A number of female students in the Medical Sciences Faculty of the UWI St Augustine campus have had nude photos posted to an online pornography site. Some of the students allege that male students are involved in the sale of these photos, unlawfully sourced, to the porn site and circulation among friends and on social media without their (the female students) knowledge .


"UWI Principal: Guilty students will pay"

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