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Friday 23 March 2018

Children’s Authority: Be sensitive over SEA results

THE Children’s Authority yesterday urged parents/guardians to be supportive and sensitive to their children over the results of the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) Exam which were released in primary schools across the nation yesterday.

While the Authority congratulated the 18,215 students on receiving their results, they remarked that some families may not be happy with the results, advising, “The Authority is reminding parents and guardians that they have a responsibility to be supportive of their children regardless of their performance”.

The statement offered sound advice to parents/guardians to help their children.

“Reassure children that whatever the results, you are proud of them and will always love them.

Results matter to children, so it’s important that they know that you are there for them unconditionally.

Encourage children to express their feelings and celebrate the effort that was made.” The Authority said adults must reassure children that a result they did not wish for, does not make them a failure.

“Keep calm. Regardless of your expectations, your role is to be supportive, sensible and reassuring,” the statement advised adults. Parents/guardians must tell children that this exam result is not the “be all and end all”, but is a stepping stone towards their future, and it is about what they now do with this opportunity.”Parents should not compare their child with any other - no-one in the class, their friends, siblings, etcetera - as every child is different and everyone has different strengths.”


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