Fmr Sando Mayor offers words of advice to new councillors

“Don’t become upset with anyone, people will call you and try to abuse you, but do not become upset with anyone.

Don’t allow yourself to be vex at them,”Hosein warned the team of nine newly-sworn in councillors of the People’s National Movement (PNM). At the time, Hosein was speaking at the swearing in ceremony hosted at the SFCC. Hosein, addressed council members from the chair in which he once sat while holding the position as the San Fernando Mayor. “I used to be the fist servant in San Fernando and now I would be the servant in this ministry, you need to set an example,” he told the councillors.

He further told councillor members that they should not think of themselves as superior to anyone.

The nine councillors were elected in the recent local government polls and took the oath of office shortly after 3pm yesterday. Hosein continued, “The positions you hold are temporary, so do not ever once feel that you are superior to anyone, consider yourself to be a normal person,”he said. He further told the councillors that when attending functions they should never allow anyone to serve them, but instead , “Stand up and serve them, send a message and let people follow you, we need more of this. These positions you hold are temporary. The only lasting position is in heaven,” Hosein said.

Member of Parliament for San Fernando West, Attorney General Faris Al Rawi said the city of San Fernando has been united in every single electoral seat.

“This is the first time in 24 years this has occurred and it signals a very special obligation on the part of all councillors and all members present to represent all the people of San Fernando,” Al Rawi said.

He stated that San Fernando represents something all of TT should aspire to be.

Also speaking at the swearing- in ceremony was Member of Parliament for San Fernando East and Housing Development Minister Randall Mitchell who reminded the new councillors to put the people first.


"Fmr Sando Mayor offers words of advice to new councillors"

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