Arson at supermarket

The latest attack took place at about 1. 45 am yesterday at Sookhoo Supermarket Limited and Liquor Store located along Union Road in Marabella. According to police, owner Dave Sookhoo, 56, was asleep in his home at the back of the supermarket. At the time he was in company with other relatives, all of whom were awakened by explosions and the smell of smoke.

Upon checking, they discovered three vehicles on fire namely a Hyundai H1 (TCM 3031), a BMW X4 SUV (PDJ 8298) and a Mazda 3 sedan (PDJ 7579) which were parked in front of the building/ supermarket. The vehicles, which belonged to the Sookhoo family, had an estimated total value of over $750,000. The concrete walls at the front of the supermarket had visible scorch marks.

Police investigators together with fire officials responded within minutes and contained the fire. They said that arsonists fire-bombed the vehicles possibly with the hope flames would spread to the supermarket so as to allow access for looting. However the arsonists left empty- handed as the businessplace itself was not broken into.

No one was injured in the attack and Cpl Harrygin of the Marabella Police Station is continuing investigations. Last week Monday, arsonists set fire to ‘Benefit the People Supermarket’ off the Eastern Main Road, Barataria. A video posted to social media showed men and women unashamedly walking out of the smouldering business with several items.

On Sunday, shortly after 2 am, just days after the San Juan Business Association warned its members of an emerging trend of arson followed by looting, arsonists attacked D&J Budget Mart Limited warehouse (D&J Warehouse) on Prizgar Road in San Juan. Prompt response of neighbours and fire fighters saved the building from burning and its contents from being stolen.


"Arson at supermarket"

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