South lawyers discuss appeal to PC

In a release from attorney Alvin Pariagsingh, London-based attorney Anand Beharrylal will speak to the south-based attorneys about the law and procedure in filing and presenting appeals to the Privy Council.

Beharrylal had been presenting appeals to the Privy Council for the past 12 years in his 20 year career in private practice in London.

The release stated that for many attorneys in South Trinidad, the law and procedure for appealing to the Privy Council is still a matter only a select few is aware of. “Equally, it is a mystery the cost involved and whether there is really a need for retaining a Queen’s Council in London, or Senior Council in our local jurisdiction, to present such appeals.

The Privy Council is still the final court of appeal for Trinidad and Tobago and practitioneers are required to know procedurally how to appeal,” the release stated.

The event takes place at the conference room of the Royal Hotel, San Fernando, at 2 pm.

Attorneys interested in attending should email Pariagsingh to confirm attendance.


"South lawyers discuss appeal to PC"

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