Five students get Cuban medical scholarships

The undergraduates in medicine are Marie Siewnarinesingh, Sophia Ali, Neil-Ann Mc Millan, Randel Hamilton, and undergraduate scholar in health technology, Anand Hanuman.

The signing took place at the Ministry of Education’s Towers on Edward Street, Port of Spain. Speaking at the signing ceremony for the scholars yesterday, Minister of Education Anthony Garcia told the recipients every opportunity given to an individual should be grasped with both hands.

“It is an important date for all of you and I am sure it is an occasion you all will remember for the rest of your lives.

It is one of the foundation stones that you will be laying in terms of your future development.” He continued, “The area of medicine is one that many of our students cannot afford, not all of them have the opportunity of perusing studies in these areas.

It is a very competitive field, even here at the University of the West Indies, we have been told that there are hundreds of applications every year but not all persons, although they might be qualified academically, will be able to afford the opportunity to access studies in this area simply because of space.” Thanking the Cuban government for making the scholarships available, Garcia told the five students they are now ambassadors for Trinidad and Tobago, but more than that they were worthy of accepting and receiving the scholarships.

“It is a time that will give you the opportunity for growth. Embrace this opportunity with both hands, set your goals and walk toward your goals with very bold steps and I am sure when you return to Trinidad and Tobago you will be in a good position to assist the development of our country.” The students’ tuition and accommodation will be paid in full by the government of Cuba and they will receive $200 US per month as a stipend to help them with their incidentals.


"Five students get Cuban medical scholarships"

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